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We worked hand-in-hand with master perfumers to craft bespoke fragrances based on the personality traits identified in the astrological readings. The personalized scents are woodsy, mystical, and floral — they are custom-made to calm and soothe the spirit of the recipient.

Horoscope Today, February 28, 12222: Gemini, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio— check astrology prediction

Each candle burns for hours, providing a long, beautiful, and clean burn. That said, each glass makes a great pen cup, make-up brush holder, a stash for crystals Do you display your Birthdate Candle in a creative way?

Andi asks is your Birthday February 28th...

Send us a note on Facebook or Instagram birthdatecandles. The candles contain Your cart.

February 28th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Close Cart. A candle crafted for the day you were born.

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    This is my peak candle. Our latest astrological obsession? Birthdate Candles. The best gifts for your astrology-obsessed BFFs.

    ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

    So cute you'll probably want them immediately. Candles inspired by the stars. Remember to take time for yourself and your emotional needs to maintain your physical and mental health.

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    In love, your open heart makes you vulnerable, so find a partner that shares in your value of honesty, positivity and romanticism. A Pisces born on February 28 strives for perfection. They dream on such a lofty scale that their reach often exceeds their grasp. February 28 people enjoy living in the limelight and gravitate toward a fast-paced lifestyle that offers them glamour and romance.

    February 28 Birthday Horoscope. They tend to stick with partners who are loyal, energetic and glamorous. Life in the fast lane can take its toll on the health of people born on this day and it is important for them to set aside days of peace and rest to stop them burning out.

    Free Will Astrology: Week of February 7, | Newcity

    There is a tendency for them to neglect their health as they jump from one adventure to another; regular health check-ups are therefore recommended. They often enjoy cooking, so this will encourage them to eat more healthily; as far as exercise is concerned, they would benefit most from those with a mind-body approach, such as yoga or tai chi, although swimming and running also suit them.

    Wearing, surrounding themselves with or meditating on shades of purple will encourage them to look within rather than without for a sense of self-esteem.

    source These people need to find careers which will allow them to channel their energy and curiosity. They are ideally suited to careers in tourism and travel, as well as arts and sports.

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    Their sharp mind and desire to explore mentally may also draw them to science, teaching, research, and philosophy, and they can also thrive in careers which allow them to take the lead, such as management or business, or working for themselves. Later in life they may be drawn toward helping others, and their love of the dramatic may also draw them to the arts, writing and entertainment world. The life path of people born on this day is to look within as well as without for a sense of fulfillment and adventure.